Monday, November 10, 2008

Electronic voting a lesson in business processes - Nova Scotia News -

Recently, a local IT 'celebrity' interviewed our esteemed leader about our system in the wake of HRM municipal elections. Pat runs Nicom and is very well known to the local industry and had some intesting points about our system.

Electronic voting a lesson in business processes - Nova Scotia News -

"AFTER the recent municipal election, I met with Dean Smith, president of Intelivote Systems Inc., the Dartmouth company behind the online voting engine.
I was looking for some lessons that I could relate to business situations, such as insights on data security and system integrity.
I quickly came to realize this story is more about business processes and procedures than about technology."

The article goes on a bit about how our system works and what it does and doesn't do. There are few points that aren't quite correct, but all in all it was a good article.

Friday, November 7, 2008

World of Blogging...

I set up this blog because I have a guy here in my office who is very good at scooping new information off the internet in the way of news articles and he religeously emails them out to all of us on pretty much a daily basis. It struck me though, that there must be a better way of doing this so that he can easily update his list of nuggets and keep us informed as well as keep a nice archive of all of this information for us to go back to at some point.
With tools that are out there now, this is much easier to do than ever before. I use the google toolbar because I like to right click and do things...(create shortcuts, delete things, etc)...If you aren't using some of these browser tools, you owe it to yourself to start because it makes this thing so easy.
With the google toolbar, you can right click some text on a page, or just the page itself and select sendto > blogger and a little window pops up and lets you edit your blog right there.
Next step is to get the info out, so I created a feedburner account so that my new content gets published automatically. With feedburner you can publicize your blog using email which basically creates a digest of all your content daily and sends it out.

Demo: Share your Business Data - Outlook - Microsoft Office Online

Demo: Share your Business Data - Outlook - Microsoft Office Online

A few of my users are wanting to be able to use the new Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2007 and be able to share information within their little workgroup. The initial thought was to upgrade the mail server, but apparently its pretty easy to do within outlook 2007 itself.
It isn't a central database so much as a sharing thing that you can do your local network, so your co-worker will have to be online when you want to share their business contact data, but this little demo shows step for step how to do it.