Friday, January 23, 2009

Grass Roots Agile

I’ve been doing a great deal of reading lately on Agile software development, Scrum and XP in an effort to get up to speed on how to implement an Agile Software development practice in our organization.

This article is phenomenal because it touches on many of the principals that I feel strongly about in software development and highlights one of the biggest problems that I see with traditional software development.

Software development efforts fail because the traditional ceremonial approach to software development is fundamentally flawed. Worse yet, many adaptations of the most popular iterative and incremental processes are little more than reinventions of faulty practices resulting in slightly varied manifestations of the same problems that have plagued the software industry for years.

The article talks about fundamental practices that have to be implemented as a grass-roots movement within the team. Things like unit testing, continuous integration, adaptable requirements, defect management, etc are all covered here. Check out the whole article, its a pretty good read.

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