Monday, May 31, 2010

Instant Two Way Communication

I love social media…twitter to be exact…the fact that I can take 10 seconds and write a thought about a product and within 48 hours, I open a dialog with a vendor is what is going to replace that glossy ad we’ve seen for years in the dentist office waiting room.

Last week, TweetDeck launched its newest version of its desktop twitter application.  As usual, I gave it a try since I had switched from TweetDeck to YooNo a little while back.  I use a number of Twitter clients including the plain old twitter web page when I need to and some for my iPod…truth is, I’m not religious about any of them, I swap them pretty much at will seeing as how most configuration for Twitter is in the cloud anyway.  Anyway, long story short, on Monday morning, I get a reply from someone at TweetDeck (image below) CaptureBTW, the screen cap is from TweetDeck 0.34.2 since @RichardBarley was kind enough to engage me and my feature gripe…

Since there are a few things that I think are missing from TweetDeck, I thought it would be better to respond to Richard here on my blog instead of in a series of 140 character tweets.  Welcome Richard!.

I like TweetDeck alot, I have it installed on both my desktop (home and work) and on my iPod as well.  I like the fact that you can display multiple columns from different accounts, I like that you can reply all (although finding the reply all option is not intuitive), I like that it keeps a list of recent hashtags (although I’m not sure why a handy typedown feature for this isn’t available) and I like that it stores my searches and settings in an account that I can synchronize with my iPod.

What I think is missing, aside from the points that I mentioned already, is:

  • An easy way to insert an @contact from list of friends.
  • In-line image display from twitpic, yfrog, etc rather than having to click the image url.
  • Facebook status updates are weird, sometimes they change my status, other times they just post to my wall…I would like it to always update my status or at least have some way to configure it that I can understand.
  • I’d like to be able to combine multiple accounts into a single stream, facebook, LinkedIn, twitter all in one column if I like, or one at a time if the need arises…
  • Conversations should be easier to view…this does an ugly column popup in TweetDeck that I’m not fond of, much better to just expand below the tweet.
  • Automatic typedowns for contacts and hashtags.  I have this in EchoFon on my iPod, but nobody else seems to have this.

There’s no question that TweetDeck is feature rich and robust, but some of the features appear more ‘tech’ focused than they are ‘user’ focused.  I like apps like YooNo because they are very intuitive and focus on the user experience.  I don’t get the same feeling from TweetDeck (IMHO).


Richard said...

Hi Shawn, thanks for the welcome! You're right, a blog post is certainly a whole lot easier than doing this via 140 characters :)

Your TweetDecjk wishes are all very valid and I'll take them one at a time because i think we have pretty good news on most of them.

1. "An easy way to insert an @contact from list of friends"

If you enable "Use Autocomplete for usernames" under Settings > General, you will actually get this. We hope to improve it in a future release to be a slicker, inline popup, but at least for now it does the job.

2. "In-line image display from twitpic, yfrog, etc"

v0.35 will be changing the way we display tweets and inline image preview are certainly something we're looking at including there if we can.

3. "Facebook status updates are weird..."

Yes, sadly the Facebook API makes it slightly awkward for us. If your status is just plain text, it should always set your status message. If it contains any links or attachments it will get "posted" to your wall instead.

4. "Combine multiple accounts into a single stream"

This is something we are considering as part of a longer-term review of TweetDeck functionality, so watch this space...

5. "Conversations should be easier to view…"

Again, this is something that v0.35 should improve on greatly.

6. "Automatic typedowns for contacts and hashtags."

Yep, totally agree and we hope to have these in a release very soon.

I hope this gives you an indication of the direction we are taking TweetDeck and that this will mean you keep coming back to check us out.

If you ever have any other ideas or questions, don't hesitate to let me know!

Richard Barley
TweetDeck Community Manager

Unknown said...

As a follow-up, the pop-up typedown for contacts works pretty good, but I would like it to be a bit more inline.

This one feature has made quite a bit of difference to me so I've gone back to tweetdeck...however, today I noticed that a search in tweetdeck is a little too hard to do...