Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Social Media in a Nutshell…

I thought I would write a quick word about this new service for keeping up on all these social media channels that are such a big part of everyone’s world these days.  Like many, I’ve grown fond of checking my twitter, facebook and LinkedIn status updates throughout the day.  I have accounts in all of these for different reasons and I spend lots of time searching through timelines to see where I left off and then scanning everyone’s update.  The downside to this is twofold; first it’s time consuming and secondly, it’s extremely addictive.  A combination that will no doubt catch up with you at some point and leave you scrambling to finish all the other things that you have to deal with.

I’ve found this little site called NutshellMail which you can sign up for and have it monitor your social media accounts and send you an update a couple times per day.  It lays out the report in a really nice format that allows you to see the latest status updates, events like birthdays in facebook and LinkedIn updates.

Aside from this, you get added features of getting a list of your ‘latest followers’ and your ‘latest quitters’ which is information that is hard to get through normal channels.

If you have some social media sites to keep up on, I recommend setting up an account in NutshellMail right now.


@TheSandyWalsh said...

Good find Shawn. Certainly seems less invasive than TweetDeck. Will let you know how it goes.

Unknown said...

Update to this: NutshellMail has been bought by ConstantContact. It looks like the service is still free, but I have no idea how it will impact your privacy.