Friday, June 11, 2010

Google Calendar Sync

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Like most people, I have a work schedule to keep as well as a personal schedule.  Managing two calendars invariably causes conflicts and over commitment, so lots of people manage their personal schedules in their office scheduling environment.  I see lots of problems with this, since I try to keep my personal life and my professional life as separate as possible.

Google to the rescue.  I keep my personal calendar in my Gmail account and I sync that to my iPod over the air.  Using Google Calendar sync, I can publish my Outlook calendar from work to my Gmail account so I have all my appointments in one spot.

calendar_sync This little app runs in your system tray and pushes your calendar items to your Google calendar on a scheduled basis.  This way, my work appointments are in Outlook and my personal appointments aren’t.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Media: You’re not the client, you’re the product…

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I had a conversation with my wife the other day about the fact that she had recently renewed her subscription to one of the magazines that stack up in our bathroom.  What was interesting was that she found that she could go on-line and read the exact same content without paying anything for it.  She looked at it and wondered how the magazine could afford to do this…

The answer is simple in my mind…you (the reader) aren’t the client…the subscription fee is something you pay enable the publisher to produce the medium so that they can send you all those ads.  The content around the ads…well, that’s the fertilizer for the garden (yes, the reader is the garden) The guys that pay for those ads…that’s the client.  Just think, my cost to distribute over the internet is very small, I can now send you ads ALL THE TIME, think of how much I can sell that for to my client.

Makes me think that the message is the medium…not the other way around.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Link to a point in a YouTube Video

Hey, did you know you can link to a specific point in a YouTube video by simply appending the time to start at the end of the URL? Something like #t=0m00s